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part of my life

Eyewear is something very close to the person’s life,acting as part a of the person. Because it is such an important item,we carefully make one by one,and deliver to our customers.


From Vietnam to the world

We are a company that delivers high-quality eyewear to the world with the knowledge and craftsmanship cultivated through over 20 years of eyewear frame manufacturing experience. We are expanding our business with companies around the world, hoping that our growth will lead to the development of the Vietnamese economy, the expansion of employment and attracting related companies.


High quality and affordable priceThere are three reasons why we can achieve high quality and affordable prices.

The first is [thorough education]. A craftsman with more than 20 years of experience in the eyewear manufacturing industry teaches knowledge and skills to Vietnamese staff and trains them to become full-fledged craftsmen. The second is [strict management standards]. In addition to establishing a quality control process in each production process and adopting a management system to prevent defective products from being sent to the next process, we have also set strict standards for production efficiency. The third is [unique material procurement method]. For more than 20 years our affiliate Concept has worked with hundreds of customers in various countries. Among them, CEMV is able to procure materials with high quality and competitive prices from carefully selected and reliable material suppliers. In this way, we have achieved high quality and reasonable prices through thorough education, quality and production efficiency management, and our own material procurement route.



A country in Southeast Asia occupying the eastern margin of the Indochina Peninsula between India and China. CEMV is located in central Vietnam, Phu Yen Province, an industrial park about 10 kilometers south of the town Tuy Hòa Located in Đông Hòa. The people of Vietnam are often described as hardworking and serious, and that personality has led to the production of high-quality eyewear items.