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Manufacturing process


Vietnam’s highest standardVietnam’s highest standard

The feature of Concept eyewear manufacturer Vietnam is that it has a capacity to produce about 1,900 frames per day and 50,000 frames per month. From August 2023, we plan to increase the number to 70,000 frames per month and approximately 2,700 frames per day. This is possible with high-quality manufacturing and a program emphasizing production efficiency together with state-of-the-art machines.

Vietnam's highest standard

PLANNING & PROTOTYPEAbility to design and technology to shape the image planned

What kind of frame will make people think, “I wanted something like this.” We think the ideal design while imagining each customer. This is possible with the width of materials’ variation. There is no compromise in the selection of materials, which is also the biggest attraction of plastic frames. And the design plan is completed with a combination of meticulous calculations. Based on that, production of frames begins and we create samples faithfully then sometimes brushing it up.


CUTTING & FORMINGCombined skills of processing machines
craftsmen develop fine details

Using a processing machine, the material is cut into the shape of the frame, and then the craftsmen manually shape it one by one. It is a subtle work that requires delicate control of force depending on the shape of the design and the type of material. We create the foundation of the frame with the technology and sensibility that we have cultivated every day.


ASSEMBLING & POLISHINGThe balance of frames, beauty created by expert craftsmanship

The assembly work of fastening temples, rims, nose pads, etc. with screws is a delicate work that requires balance. We do not use automation but we do manually. And at the polishing process that determines the beauty of the frame, the surface is carefully polished after several polishing steps. This is also a manual process that requires years of experience.


QUALITY CONTROLA QC manager is assigned to each process to achieve
the thorough quality control

In order to continue to be a frame manufacturing factory that is relied from all over the world, we carry out strict quality control. A QC manager trained by a skilled engineer is assigned to each process, and a thorough check is made to ensure that no defective products are sent to the next process. In addition, in the final QC department before sending the products to the customer, every corner is checked, cleaned, the final shape is adjusted, and the baton is passed to the shipping staff in the best condition.